Occupational therapy is a rehabilitation procedure which in medical rules uses activities that generate manual independence, creative, recreational, educational, social and industrial to obtain the expected benefits of physical functioning and the patient's mental responses.

Activity of daily living

Therapy services for running basic physical needs (eating, eating, shifting, take care of personal items, sleeping, defecating, bathing, and maintaining personal hygiene) and survival functions (cooking Occupational Therapy services include:, dressing, shopping, and keep one's living environment in order to stay healthy)

Productivity activity

Therapeutic services to assist patients in working activities

Leisure time

Leisure activities are activities that are conducted on a motivated leisure and provide excitement, entertainment, and distract the patient

When do you need this service?

  1. Post stroke
  2. Post surgery
  3. Difficulties in integrating psychosocial development.
  4. Behavioral abnormalities in communication
  5. Growth and development
  6. Disability
    1. Request Occupational Therapy