Wound Care

MyNurz offers comprehensive wound programs and advanced treatment options to help patients heal. Service provider has extensive training and expertise in wound healing and provides a comprehensive care plan that is customized to meet the patient’s needs so wounds heal faster. Our specialists assure that wounds heal in a proper and timely manner and infection is prevented.

  1. Infected wounds
  2. Diabetic ulcers
  3. Pressure sores
  4. Burns

Post-Surgery Care

Post-surgery care is provided by qualified registered nurses, and includes:

  1. Post-operative Delivery Service
  2. Catheter changes
  3. Wound dressing
  4. Intravenous parenteral nutrition
  5. Infusion therapy
  6. IV line change
  7. Antibiotic administration
  8. Ostomy care
  9. Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Pain Management

Specialized nurse practitioners and pain management support personnel offer pain relief for patients suffering from various types of pain, from chronic headaches to post-operative back pain and muscle pain:

  1. Recommending analgesics
  2. Assessing symptoms after medication
  3. Advising on pain reduction methods
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